AGA Celebrate Supermarket Employee Day

On February 22, the Alabama Grocers Association will join supermarkets and food manufacturers nationwide in celebrating the first-ever Supermarket Employee Day. The Food Industry Association (FMI) has proclaimed this new holiday to recognize employees at every level for the work they do feeding families and enriching lives.

With more than 40,000 individual stores selling food and grocery items in the U.S. alone, supermarkets are the backbones of our communities. Millions of supermarket employees come to work daily to keep shelves stocked and to provide communities with essential services that help them survive and thrive. The food retail industry in Alabama provides over 70,000 jobs and has a total economic impact on the state’s economy of over $12 billion.  

“The grocery community has been helping the state of Alabama to stay strong during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ellie Taylor, president, Alabama Grocers Association.  “When COVID-19 forced people to home shelter, we stayed open. And we have continued to adapt and serve our communities every day. There is no question that supermarket employees are heroes. We are thrilled to honor and celebrate them!”

Despite supply chain disruptions or work-force reductions, supermarket employees have demonstrated trojan efforts to keep communities going. Supermarket employees have personified compassion and courage when communities have most needed to be encouraged.

“Despite the constant changes in public health orders, supply chain disruptions and workforce challenges, our state’s grocers have worked tirelessly throughout the last year to remain open and continue to provide Alabamians with what they need,” Governor Ivey said. “This has been an incredible effort by these heroes in our communities, and they deserve our gratitude and recognition for all that they do.”

Senator Jabo Waggoner, Alabama State Senate, District 16 and Representative Gil Isbell, Alabama House of Representatives, District 28  also presented a Joint Resolution from the Alabama State Legislature declaring February 22, 2021 as Supermarket Employees Day in Alabama. 

“On behalf of the Alabama Grocers Association, we invite all residents of the state of Alabama to stop in one of our stores on February 22 to congratulate and thank local supermarket heroes,” added Ellie Taylor.  “Better yet, honor your favorite heroes in your social media and use the hashtags, #SupermarketEmployeeDay and #SupermarketHeroes.”

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