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Buy Alabama’s Best

Video: The Food Retail Industry in Alabama

The mission of the Alabama Grocers Association is to promote and support the growth and success of the food industry in the state of Alabama through advocacy, education, public relations and networking.

The Alabama Grocers Association is a state trade association representing the retail food industry since 1990. Since our formation, the AGA has now grown to over 350 member companies and over 90% of grocery retailers in the state of Alabama belong to our organization. The retailers represented in this group vary from large chains to one store independents. We also represent all others involved in the food industry including wholesalers, manufacturers, brokers, distributors and other service providers. The food retail industry in Alabama provides over 70,000 stable, reliable jobs with over $2.2 billion in annual wages paid. Grocers pay over $1.2 billion in state taxes and have a total economic impact on the state’s economy of over $12 billion dollars.

Since 1992, the AGA has been supporting the food industry by awarding over 1.2 million dollars in scholarships through the Alabama Grocers Education Foundation to deserving part-time student employees and children of full-time employees of member AGA companies. We partner with the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries and the Alabama Food Manufacturers and Producers each year on the Buy Alabama’s Best program designed to promote products made, manufactured, produced or headquartered in the state. We work with our retail members through Buy Alabama’s Best to raise funds for Children’s of Alabama and to date have raised over three quarters of a million dollars to find a cure for childhood cancer.

The Alabama Grocers Association is honored to be the only retail food focused Association in the state of Alabama. Through the dedication and commitment of our members, we work tirelessly daily on their behalf to enhance their businesses and partnerships.

We are proud to be the voice of the grocery industry in the state of Alabama!

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